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Posted on Apr 19, 2019

On-demandfood and package delivery has seen a huge rise in engagement in the last couple of years, with options like AmazonPrime, Uber Eats and GrubHub taking over space on the phones of consumers.While this is great for people who want their orders delivered on time, this iscausing those compani...

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Posted on Apr 12, 2019

If you’re on a family trip and your car pops a tire, it may be unfortunate and a little stressful, but it’s a relatively easy fix. If the family van breaks down, again, very unfortunate, but a tow truck can come out. But what if it’s you’re truck that’s hauling loads of cargo and you’re in the mi...

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Posted on Mar 18, 2019

General liability insurance and specialized commercial truck insurance may sound like they are one and the same, or interchangeable, but there are some key differences that can be addressed to clear up confusion. The main thing to know is that a general liability policy is not be enough to cover...

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Posted on Mar 11, 2019

On January 25, the National Labor Relations Board returned to its long-standing independent-contractor standard, which reaffirms the Board’s adherence to the traditional common-law test. The main rollout from this is that the Board described clearly the significance that entrepreneurial opportuni...

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Posted on Mar 4, 2019

For long-haul trucking professionals, finding time to stop and eat can sometimes be an issue. Schedules have to be kept and sometimes sacrificing a sit-down meal may be the only option to save time. But when time does allow for a meal and a break, it’s easy to head into the truck stop or a nearby...

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Posted on Feb 28, 2019

Those in the trucking industry know that being safe behind the wheel may not always come by easily. There are a number of things to consider when trying to be safe—from weather conditions to other drivers to the truck itself, it’s becoming even more dangerous to get behind the wheel of a truck. A...

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Posted on Feb 24, 2019

The road to becoming an owner-operator of your own semi-truck, heading up your own fleet operations, can be long and arduous. Years of driving for someone else’s fleet and dealing with long hauls and unfavorable scheduling have finally paid off and it’s time to be your own boss. But while you may...

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Posted on Feb 22, 2019

While it’s important for trucking professionals to do their job well, including getting every haul to its destination on time and taking care of their payload to the utmost, it’s also important for drivers to take care of their self, just like how trucking companies can take care of their operati...

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Posted on Feb 17, 2019

Currently there are competing bills in California state legislature that are aiming to address an April 2018 ruling by the state’s Supreme Court that has threatened the traditional owner-operator model within the state. The bills are pointing to trucking groups wanting to upend years of law used ...

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Trucking Insurance Services

  • General Liability Trucking Insurance

    As the name implies this coverage pertains to very broad 3rd party liability coverage other than automobile. Protection for injuries or property damage sustained while on your premises, using your products or services, or because of a breach of contract are some of the more customary types of risk this coverage is intended for. This policy can also include many options specific for your type of business (ie: garage, pollution; environmental; underground; professional).
  • Truck Liability Insurance

    This is usually the most costly portion of any trucking company’s insurance package. Protecting you from damage or injuries to other people as a result of truck accidents this coverage is also required by the State and Federal agencies and a form of proof (filings) is required to be sent to them.
  • Physical Damage Truck Insurance

    Described as First Party Insurance this coverage provides you protection for your investment in truck and trailer equipment. It is provided on a specified perils or comprehensive basis and collision. The choice to select specified perils over comprehensive is generally due to price considerations. Western Truck Insurance almost always recommends comprehensive coverage as the price difference is generally not enough to risk having a claim denied.
  • Trailer Interchange Coverage and Non-Owned Trailer

    Trucking operations regularly involve the use of someone else’s trailer. You need protection for damage you do to a trailer not owned by you. Trailer Interchange coverage provides that protection when there is a written trailer interchange agreement that you have agreed to. It provides protection when you have care, custody and control of one, or many, trailers; whether they are attached to your truck or not.
  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

    Motor Truck Cargo insurance protects the transporter for his responsibility in the event of damaged or lost freight. The policy is purchased with a maximum load limit per vehicle. Under-insuring the load can prove catastrophic to you in the event of a claim. Make sure you understand the concept of co-insurance.The transporter of freight, and commodities, assumes responsibility for the cargo he has taken control of. The amount of that responsibility should be clearly established and understood by both the shipper and the transporter before the shipment is moved. This is usually done by contract, by bill of lading disclosure, or by published tariffs. Unfortunately, this level of detail is often overlooked by both parties.
  • Truckers Pollution Coverage

    The standard Auto and General Liability policy specifically excludes pollution coverage. Pollution is generally defined as the discharge, release or escape of pollutants. If your operations have you transporting hazardous materials you need to work with your insurance agent to make sure your policy includes the Truckers Broadened Pollution endorsement, and, in some cases, a full pollution insurance policy. Some of the better trucking insurance policies automatically include this endorsement. The sudden and accidental pollution, when a tank of diesel fuel gets spilled in an accident, is addressed in the MCS90 endorsement which should be included in all interstate trucking for hire policies.
  • Commercial Property Insurance

    This coverage, as its name implies, covers various types of commercial property. Property is generally broken down into Buildings and Business Personal Property. Integrated into this policy is coverage for lost income and extra expenses that might be incurred as a result of a loss. Your insurance broker relies upon a careful discussion of your operations and exposures to properly assess and select the correct limits and coverages.
  • Commercial Equipment Insurance

    Also referred to as contractor’s equipment coverage, commercial equipment insurance coverage provides physical damage protection for various equipment and machinery that is not designed to be covered under the commercial property policy. Mobile items such as forklifts, backhoes, tools, padding and dollies, etc., are covered under this policy.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance & Occupational Injury Insurance

    Employers are generally required by law to provide workers compensation insurance as protection for job related injury or disease for their employees. These policies are written and priced based upon the duties and payroll amount of the employees. Trucking and warehousing operations remain one of the high rated types of employment due to the frequency and severity of injuries that occur.
  • Trucking Bonds

    The transportation industry, like the construction industry, has many situations where a bond is required in order to obtain work or a permit to operate.
  • Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance

    Western Truck Insurance offers commercial truck roadside assistance services. This is a great and inexpensive service that can easily save you thousands of dollars. Here are the benefits: Unlimited Roadside Assistance Towing – up to 50 miles per disablement Flat Tire Assistance Tire Replacement Assistance – up to $100 per disablement Mobile Mechanic Service Vehicle Winching / Extricating Custom Trip Routing / Navigation Assistance Vehicle Jump start Hotel and Travel Discounts Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service Lockout / Replacement Key Services – up to $100 Fuel Delivery Service – up to 30 gallons of fuel Concierge Service – restaurants, lodging, truck stops, fuel stops, etc. Road America’s Savings Connection Program – save on prescriptions, car rentals, theme parks ane more Truck Rental AssistanceRoadside assistance is available through Western Truck Insurance Services for only $399 per year, or take advantage of the ea


2 years ago
WTI got me a great policy at an affordable price. I am an owner op. with a small fleet, customer service has been excellent. Thanks James!
- Matt N

About us

Our many years of experience is a great reason, but not the only reason. Here’s the exciting part:

We have created software that completely changes how you buy truck insurance; within seconds our proprietary software will match your trucking operation details with the big names in insurance and the specialty insurance carriers. That process results in a comprehensive list of potential insurers, and means no more missed opportunities or wasted time. Our agents will work on your behalf to obtain the best prices and coverage from those companies, and then provide the information to you.

Buying insurance can’t get any faster, easier or better than that.

Experience it Yourself:

Truck Insurance is broad category of commercial insurance. It is comprised of several coverage types which are specific to the trucking industry, along with add-ons to further protect your assets. You can buy all of these coverages through us. We can also help with commercial vehicle licensing requirements.

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